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Ayurvedic massage to combat diabetes
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Ayurvedic massage to combat diabetes

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During the last decade, scientific studies have shown that massage can help people suffering from any type of diabetes stimulating circulation and working with a good blood supply and even allow release toxins and fat deposits in the body.

In India, Ayurvedic massage is a discipline that reaches studied in universities as a part of ancient medicine and is ideal as it promotes the balance between body and mind.

One issue to consider is that diabetes can be triggered by stress, so the art of Ayurvedic massage allows people to relax before the stresses of everyday life, becoming a great way to prevent diabetes, mainly in those who are genetically susceptible.

What is the ayurvedic massage?

According to Ayurvedic tradition, every happy thought that a person has is able to generate a special molecule in the body. Thus Ayurvedic massage, has as main objective to restore the smile body, stimulates circulation, allowing the body to release toxins, combat fatigue, facilitates the circulation and improves sleep quality.

This massage technique is highly recommended for people with diabetes or wants to prevent it.

To perform this type of massage, oil is needed. They are applied at moderate temperatures.

Most of these oils are prepared from sesame, grape and coconut.

There are different types of massage:

# Abhyanga. This type of massage is ideal to eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation. It is a movement based massage which may be soft or loud, slow or fast.

It lasts for 45 minutes and at the end of the massage the person is wrapped in hot towels for about 20 minutes.

# Shirodhara. This massage is often combined with the previous one and aims to balance mind and body.

Is ideal for insomnia and anxiety because it relaxes the nervous system in depth. The duration of this massage is 20 minutes and involves the application of warm oil on the forehead and temple.

# Udvartana. This massage is ideal for overweight people because it allows to relax the body, remove toxins and gives energy.

To make this massage a preparation of gram flour and herbs that allow further cleanse the skin leaving it soft stimulates physiological functions while is applied.

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