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Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally In Less Than 1 Month
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Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally In Less Than 1 Month

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Type II diabetes has become one of the most common diseases in modern times. The good news is that in a month or less, following a diet plan and healthy life, you can balance your blood sugar level and prevent the terrible consequences of this disease.

Below this plan to level the blood sugar and say goodbye to diabetes.

Day 1:

Restrict consumption of all types of soda drinks.

Day 2:

Perform low-impact physical activity every day for at least half hour.

Day 3:

Eliminate completely from your diet all foods containing white flour.

Day 4:

Include in your regular diet essential fatty acids (especially omega -3 acids), also includes the consumption of nuts.

Day 5:

Increase the intensity of physical activity to change your metabolism.

Day 6:

Delete from your diet all foods with added sugar of any kind.

Day 7:

Include in your daily diet whole grains: whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.

Day 8:

Increase physical activity to 60 minutes and exercise outdoors.

Day 9:

Stop the consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Day 10:

Consume natural supplements with essential vitamins and minerals on a regular basis

Day 11:

Includes exercises from strength to physical activity, such as the use of dumbbells or go once a week to a gym.

Day 12:

Eliminate caffeine.

Day 13:

Stop the consumption of hydrogenated oils.

Day 14:

Make a cardiovascular workout one hour every three days.

Day 15:

Includes your usual diet supplements rich in fiber, as it helps to balance blood sugar and cleanse the bowel.

Day 16:

Learn the normal blood glucose levels are.

Day 17:

Include more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid fruits like banana, grapes and plums.

Day 18:

Includes regular infusions of the herb Gymnema sylvestre.

Day 19:

Drink only water, set aside sodas and juices.

Day 20:

Be sure to continuing with cardiovascular exercises every three days for one hour and verify that you have kept eating behaviors and healthy lifestyle indicated earlier days. Evaluate your progress.

Day 21:

Includes in your usual diet food supplements prepared from integral elements as protein supplements.

Day 22:

Stop eating fried foods.

Day 23:

Limit consumption of saturated animal fats.

Day 24:

Include in your diet grains like quinoa, kamut, millet, spelled, oats and ground.

Day 25:

Visit your doctor to assess your condition and make sure you have made ??significant changes. If you followed all these steps, it is likely that the doctor will remove the drugs or suggest you decrease your insulin dose. May even be the case that you no longer need them.

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