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Foods you should avoid to prevent diabetes
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Foods you should avoid to prevent diabetes

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When we talk about diabetes most people typically associate this condition with excessive sugar consumption.

While this excess is one of the main causes of this disease, to prevent diabetes the goal can't only be away from sugar.

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Without realizing it in our daily diet we consume over 25 teaspoons of sugar and spread over different foods like desserts, juices, soft drinks, cookies and even fruit.

To prevent diabetes you need to have in mind the type of foods you should avoid. We can mention the following:

# Simple carbs:

Foods such as jams, jellies, honey and candies are those that increase the blood glucose level more quickly.

On the other hand we have the complex carbohydrates which are found in fruits and vegetables that can be eaten, we do it in moderation because they also contain sugar and fructose.

# Food with flours industrialized

Avoid foods like pizzas, cakes, cookies and pastas because starches are much more dangerous than other sugars and is found primarily in foods like bread, pasta, bakery products and legumes.

# Fats

Another of the foods you should avoid eating are those containing animal fats or saturated fats.

Minimizes the consumption of fried foods. You can change the mode of preparation of your meals opting for baked dishes, grilled or boiled.

Prefer lean meats like chicken breast or fish like salmon, tuna and hake.

# Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks also contain high calories and sugar.

Avoid beer, liqueurs, sweet wines and cider, these alcoholic beverages that contain more sugar.

You can consume in moderation drinks with low sugar and whiskey and if they do, do it during meals because alcohol might reduce the level of blood glucose and cause hypoglycaemia, which is harmful to health.

# Fruit

There are also certain fruits that you should avoid because of its high sugar content and acidity. Avoid eating bananas, kiwi and grapes. Then you can eat sparingly the rest of the fruit, preferring those who hold large amounts of water such as watermelon, pears and apples.

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